Freelance marketing copywriterPrinted and digital materials can make or break a business’ reputation. When it comes to ads, brochures, newsletters, press releases, textbooks and even websites, good spelling and grammar are necessary to engage with your audience.

Does your marketing agency or small business need help copywriting or editing, but can’t justify hiring someone in-house? With years of experience in marketing and communications, I know how to accurately present your work, keeping in mind the proper audience, message and goals.

I’ll work with you remotely to create or edit marketing materials and corporate website content, making sure each project is getting the right message out there in the right way. Since 2003, I’ve worked with clients in industries such as oil & gas, performing arts, B2B marketing, and education. I’m well-versed in marketing strategy and web writing and love helping clients finding new ways to communicate.

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MZ says:

Samantha’s keen interest in written communication, both creative and corporate, provided us with a solid foundation upon which we could effectively tell our clients’ stories. And Samantha’s other pursuits in the arts provide her with a unique perspective that she can bring to any project.

PK says:

I worked with Samantha for about five years. She showed excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills. She also became a favourite contact for many of our clients who enjoyed her quick responses and customer service.

PW says:

Samantha is not only a brilliant writer but a diligent editor. I’d happily recommend her for any position, creative or otherwise.