Freelance virtual copywriter for designers and marketing agenciesI’m Samantha Garner and I’m a freelance virtual copywriter and editor (but you’ve probably figured that out by now). I enjoy throwing facts about Canadian, British, and American spelling differences into an otherwise pleasant conversation. Some of my pet peeves include “EZ”, a double space after a period, and using a possessive apostrophe when pluralizing a word.

I’ve written about subjects like yoga, entrepreneurship, marketing, parenting, green living, freelance writing, historical figures, and unusual inventions. Since 2003, my day jobs were in corporate communications and marketing, helping lots of different clients communicate to lots of different audiences. I enjoyed working on corporate websites, news releases, newsletters, ads and brochures.

I’m available for short-term projects, or for more long-term freelance help.

I am also a fiction writer and avid reader, so you can be sure that I’m considering your project from all word-related angles!

My Specialities

App content

I’ve written and edited content for entrepreneurship, math, and tourism apps for GoRobos Inc. Our gamified education app, Discover Entrepreneurship!, is available in the App Store.

Web writing

I have a knack for web communication, if I do say so myself. I like the challenge of brevity. I made my first website in 1997 and have been hooked since then.

Content for creatives

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many creative and passionate designers in my time, and am proud of my ability to supply content that’s ideally suited to the medium. That means no wall of text in 8-point font for your next web ad!

Content for B2C and B2B marketing materials

Whether it’s writing original copy or editing existing content, I take pride in the details. What audience will your project serve? What are their specific needs? How can we best solve their problems? I know that brochures are different from websites, and websites are different from news releases, and I will tailor the content accordingly.


I’m a keen editor and get a thrill from ferreting out clichés and reworking sentences. I can’t let a project go if there’s weird spacing or inconsistent formatting, and I’m a little picky about consistency.

Some Clients, Present and Past

Selected Work Samples

App Content

  • GoRobos Inc’s flagship gamified education app, Discover Entrepreneurship!, is available in the App Store.

Press Releases

Business and Marketing

Writing and General Interest

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A Hand Up

I am proud to re-invest a portion of what I make into improving the lives of entrepreneurs living in poverty. Almost since the beginning of my freelancing career, I have made micro-loans through Kiva on behalf of my business. With these micro-loans, entrepreneurs can purchase resources and goods for their businesses, strengthening their local communities.