• Are you in need of intelligent, engaging copy?

    Look no further.

    I’m a freelance copywriter and editor who’ll partner with you to deliver clear, concise, and engaging copy. I know how to craft the ideal message for your audience. I’ll make sure everything flows well, is spelled correctly and will work for your client. I specialize in writing content for websites, brochures, newsletters, and advertisements, as well as editing content for trade and corporate publications.

    Before starting my freelancing business in 2009, I worked in marketing and communications for several years. I’ve also worked alongside entrepreneurs and graphic/print designers, giving them engaging and succinct copy. I’m interested in helping your clients have fun with their marketing, and helping you find the perfect complement to your work.

    Learn about me, read the FAQ and get in touch about your next project, no matter where in the world you are!

    My copywriting and editing specialties:
    • Website content
    • Website editing
    • Content for marketing materials, including brochures, newsletters, ads and press releases
    • Textbook editing