Q. Do you offer SEO, article writing, blogging or social media services?

A. If you want someone to proofread and edit your blog posts, Instagram captions, and YouTube video descriptions and titles as part of a long-term partnership, let me know! However, I offer these services within an already-planned social media strategy – I don’t design social media campaigns. There are geniuses out there who can visualize the outcomes and ROI of many interlinked social media channels, and I’m not out to steal their thunder. I focus on the content.

For marketing and design copywriting, I’m more than willing to discuss article writing projects with you. And I will naturally adhere to the principles of SEO in my web content without being spammy about it.

Q. What are your rates?

A. For one-off or short-term projects, I charge flat package rates and will provide a free, no obligation quote after I get to know the scope of your project. You know exactly how much your project will cost and, well, so do I! I have worked on several marketing content copywriting and editing projects and my rates are based on a number of factors from these projects: The level of work that was undertaken, the amount of time certain projects usually took, and the hourly rate for the work.

If you’re interested in a long-term collaborative partnership, we can discuss switching to an hourly rate.

Q. How do I send you my material? How do you send back changes?

A. For editing projects, please note that I only work with completed copy. Material can be sent to me via email. In my editing, I use either Word’s or Pages’ Track Changes feature – we can work together seamlessly whether you’re on a PC or a Mac. I then send you a copy with changes tracked along with a copy with all my changes incorporated.

Q. Where are you located?

A. I am based just outside of Toronto. However, most of my clients are based elsewhere in Canada, and in the USA. We communicate via email or Skype chat (which I check all the time during my business hours) and send electronic versions of documents back and forth. This means that my clients aren’t limited by physical location and choose to work with me because they feel I’m the best copywriter for them.

Q. I live outside of Canada. Can we still work together?

A. Absolutely! Some things to keep in mind: All my rates are quoted in Canadian dollars, I hold standard office hours in Eastern Standard Time and observe all Canadian stat holidays (though if you have extenuating circumstances regarding your timeline, we can usually work something out in advance).

Q. How do I contact you?

A. I work virtually, so my policy is to favour email communication or Skype chat instead of phone calls. I’m great with the written word and work best when writing something out or considering written instructions – it’s why I was so terrible in the food service industry! Email or Skype messages ensure I have all your details and requirements in writing so I can refer to them often when working on your project. You also have a reference point for notes I might have for you. I hold standard office hours in Eastern Standard Time and have my inbox open all day. You can leave me questions or comments, no matter what time it is for you.