Services Questionnaire

These questions will give some background info for me to use in creating content for you. You can be as detailed or brief as you like, but the more info I have, the better!

Please note that I don’t necessarily use all of your answers in the content I create, but it’s helpful to know as much as I can.

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About Your Business

How long have you been interested in/practicing embroidery?

What made you want to create your business?

Who are some of your competitors, or similar businesses that inspire you?

How are you different from them?

Do you have a unique process or philosophy about your work?

Services Content

What sorts of services do you offer?

What are customers of each service looking for?

If customers for this service are searching online, what keywords do/would they use?

Why have you chosen these services to offer in your business?

What sorts of projects give you the most satisfaction, and why?

Is there anything else I should know about these services?